Anonymous asked: That's the thing I don't like about them like if she is there and if she stayed in the hotel it's just shit for both of them like what kind of a relationship is that! That's why I really hate possessive the fans are and how they're so rude to any of the boys girlfriends, it sucks! In a way I hope she isn't with him so that she doesn't have to wait around by herself for a couple of hours you know? But of course I want proof of them seeing each other again haha!

if barbara really is there, it’s doubtful she’d be cooped up in the hotel the whole time. she’s a big football fan too, so it’s possible that they just entered/exited separately, which they’ve done before, but actually watched the game together? or she could be doing her own thing while niall catches the game(s), and then be spending the rest of the time with him, since he’s been there for days. but yes, it does suck that niall has to be /so careful/. he’s private enough on his own already, but he probably feels a lot of added pressure from fans. :/

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Anonymous asked: Nevermind, I guess people have figured out that's where he is by now LOL But I still say there's a good chance Barbara might be spotted with him.. *fingers crossed*

same! fans are saying they have videos of niall at vicente calderon so when they post it we will have a confirmation (she still could have stayed at the hotel though)

04-22 / 16:37
Anonymous asked: Barbara went to Budapest for a few days and Anita just posted a photo of them together yesterday...wouldn't she have gone to the match with him like someone would have spotted we regardless

maybe, maybe not!

04-22 / 16:36
Anonymous asked: She's always quiet when she's with family though and it's only Tuesday I think she's still in Budapest tbh

well, we still don’t know, we prefer to have hopes that she is with Niall but we are also aware that she might not be :

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Narbara ♥

I miss y o u

Barbara liked Niall’s pic with Messi! 

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Anonymous asked: I think they're together right now. I have nothing to back that up lol just a feeling. Barbara has been kinda quiet, Niall randomly travelling Europe, the tour starting so soon.. Idk, what do you think? Obvously we can't know for sure but I really, really hope they are!

we are crossing our fingers anon! but we think that it’s weird of him to go to barcelona ramdomly for a football match and apparently alone :D

04-22 / 12:51
Anonymous asked: Barbara liked Niall's Ig picture :D

did she? omg do you happen to have a screen chot r somethign? :D

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