Anonymous asked: Please let Paris be in Niall's travel plans also. Or is Barbara even back in Paris yet? Still in Budapest? Wherever she is, let him be there also! Come on...I'm dying here!

hahah really don’t know and can’t predict that at the moment. as always niall is very private!

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Anonymous asked: I would give anything for a Mcbusted narbara concert date this weekend. Who do I need to pay to make this happen? lol The thirst is ridiculous!

hahaha probably pray to the gods :( :( 

04-17 / 15:38
Anonymous asked: I'm holding out this crazy hope that Barbara and Anita will go to London together haha It's possible, right?? :)

ONE CAN HOPE. i saw someone say she was headed to budapest to spend easter with her family, which would make sense, but that wasn’t confirmed? still, niall has a week off now and hasn’t taken a vacation yet this break, so there’s that tiniest hope left that they may yet get to see each other. *fingers crossed*

04-16 / 15:59
Anonymous asked: December was soooo good. Ugh I need more!

i know!! :( we were spoiled

04-11 / 16:04

Niall at Ceiliúradh 10.04.14


Halvin in December 2013


Barbara Palvin at Spago Restaurant in L.A

Niall crying at the end of the last JLS concert and Barbara, Liam and Karen comforting him - x