Anonymous asked: barbara commented on liam's birthday video message to niall.

that’s cute :) 

09-15 / 12:41
Anonymous asked: Sorry but she's back with kristof

is that #confirmed? bc we know she’s been hanging out with him again, but so far it just seems like they’re friends?

08-02 / 17:17


AU: Barbara came to 1D concert in London 

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Anonymous asked: Hi I was just wondering do you think barbara will go to nialls birthday party? It would be amazing if she did cause even though they haven't been seen together for ages I can't help but still want them to be together

haha maybe! but probably not tbh, cos they have a show in LA that night

07-11 / 13:31

Niall commented on Barbara’s IG pic! (x)

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Anonymous asked: Did you see Niall's (hopefully real) comment on Barbara's ig?? Ahhh please be real!! :D

SECONDING THE PLEASE BE REAL. if someone’s playing games with my fragile narbara heart, i s2g. T___T 

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Anonymous asked: You're welcome! :) I really love your blog! I know you usually just post when something narbara related happens but do you have an opinion on whether barbara might go to the show in Berne? That's where Anita lives, right? I guess anything is a possibility. I just thought it wouldn't be as expected as London or Paris. Who knows..

thanks lovely, I don’t have an idea! to be fair I rather not be excited about it, I wish she would go but to be honest at this point I don’t wanna get my hopes up :D but at least she always likes his ig pics, so i think the ball is now in niall’s court, we will see!

07-01 / 14:45

Barbara liked Niall’s picture on Instagram x

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Anonymous asked: She liked his photo of having coffee :D @PalvinNewsBR has a pic. Now can they please do something besides frustrate us? I'm tired of waiting lol

thanks anon! I’ll post it now!

07-01 / 14:23

Barbara liked Niall’s picture on instagram two days ago x

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